Areas of Expertise

School &

In the current financial climate, schools are trying to make their budgets go further – I can offer hourly, daily or project rates which reduce your commitment whilst ensuring the job gets done.

Small Business

Small Businesses may not have a dedicated IT person on site. We can provide a weekly site visits to resolve any issues , daily server and/or backup monitoring all at a reasonable hourly or flat rate. Can assist in business start ups; from domain name purchasing, website hosting, web design (we have a web design partner) and email set up.

Home Users

Buying a new PC ? We can move all your files, pictures & music to your new PC. We can also make sure that all your files are backed up to either an external device or the cloud. We can also help in all aspects of setting up your home office.

WiFi Optimisation

Is your home wi-fi driving you insane? Does it keep dropping out when you are more than a few feet from the router or upstairs in another room ? Want to know who is using all the bandwidth ? We can help with a Unifi network to compliment your broadband and give you a stress free experience!

PC Optimisation

Is your computer slow? Does it take what seems like hours to load and then another hour to open each program? We can do a health check and recommend upgrades or improvements to take the stress out of using your PC or Mac.

Mutli-room Music Systems

Increasingly, audiovisual systems and computer technology are becoming integrated within the home. New televisions are pretty much all internet enabled, thereby allowing the user to browse the web on their TV without the need of a computer. We can help connect these TVs to a home network and give a few quick instructions on how to operate them.

For all your IT Requirements.Education, Small Business and Home Office



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