Can’t start the Automatic Updates service

One of my consultants at work got a virus on his PC. It was popping up AntiVirus 2009 messages – claiming that it would do a scan and get rid of Spyware and Viruses.

This is a bit of a b*stard o get rid of. Firstly I downloaded an excellent ( free for home use ) Anti Virus called Avast ( available at – I can highly recommend this and have installed it on a lot of home user PC’s )

I scheduled a boot time scan and got rid of a lot of dodgy files – unfortunatley the Automatic Updates Service still wouldn’t start. So I downloaded ComboFix – from here and ran it. Be aware that you must remove or disable all Anti Virus software while you do this.

After running Combofix – my PC was clean and after a reboot all services started as normal.

Message appearing on laptop while Virus running