IE8 and the annoying “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely” dialog…

Do constantly get plagued by this dialog box whend using Internet Explorer 8 ?

Good news – you can switch it off… instructions below :

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Choose Tools
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose the Security Tab
  • Make sure the Internet Zone is highlighted and click Custom Level ( see below )
  • Scroll down until you come the Miscellaneous section
  • Change the ‘Display Mixed Content’ setting to ‘enable’
  • Click Ok
  • Job Done!

Plagued by the Privacy Center?

Privacy Center is not Microsoft software. It’s a new form of fake antimalware software (also known as rogue security software) that pretends to help protect your computer, but is really a new form of spyware. It can slow down your computer and damage your files.



  • Fake_AntiSpyware.BKN (AVG)
  • Win32/FakeAV.ACR (CA)
  • Win32/Adware.PrivacyComponents (ESET)
  • not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.PrivacyCenter (other)
  • not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.Agent.jn (Kaspersky)
  • FakeAlert-CP (McAfee)
  • Troj/PrvCnt-Gen (Sophos)
  • SpywareGuard2008 (Symantec)

Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter is a family of programs that claims to scan for malware and displays fake warnings of “malicious programs and viruses”. They then inform the user that they need to pay money to register the software in order to remove these non-existent threats.

Symptoms vary among different distributions of Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter, however, the presence of the following system changes (or similar) may indicate the presence of this program:

  • Presence of the following directories, or similar (for example):
    %program_files%privacy center
    %application data%privacy center
  • Presence of the following registry modifications or similar (for example):
    Added value: “agent.exe”
    With data: “%program_files%privacy centeragent.exe”

To subkey: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

Added value: “Shell”
With data: “%program_files%privacy centerpc.exe”
To subkey: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

  • Display of the following images/dialogs, or similar (for example):


Read more about it here:

How to create custom ringtones for iPhone 3G using iTunes for free?

The following steps show how to create free ringtones for your iPhone using only iTunes and songs you already have on your computer.

Note: This method only works with songs that are DRM free. To make iPhone ringtones using DRM protected songs please follow this guide to remove the DRM protection first.

To make iPhone ringtones using only iTunes:

1. Right click on the song you are going to make into a ringer and select “Get Info”.

2. Go to the “Options” tab and go down to the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” check boxes. Check both boxes and input the time you want your ringer to start/stop. The ringer has to be 30 seconds or less. Click “OK” when you’re done.

3. Right click on your newly “clipped” song and select “Convert Selection to AAC”. The song will be re-encoded using the start and stop times determined (If your menu item does not read “Convert Selection to AAC” and reads “Convert Slection to MP3” (or some other format) please go to iTunes -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing and change the “Import Using” drop down menu to “AAC Encoder”).


4. After the song is done encoding navigate to your iTunes Music folder, locate your song, and drag it to your desktop. After the song is on your desktop go back to iTunes and delete the clipped version from you iTunes library (It won’t delete it from your desktop, it will only remove it from iTunes).

5. Go back the song on your desktop and right click on your song and chose “Properties”. Go to the name and extension section and change the extension from .m4a to .m4r (or you can just change the extension right from your desktop).

6. After the extension is changed simply double click on the file to add it to your iTunes library under the ringtones section. Sync your phone with iTunes and you’re done!

Note: Remember to go back into iTunes and uncheck your custom start and stop times for the original version of your song.

How to Remove the iPhone SIM Card

The SIM card in the iPhone is removable, but it’s hidden. To remove the SIM card, you need the sim card removal tool that came with your iPhone.

 1. Locate the SIM Card Slot

The slot is located at the top of the iPhone, between the headphone jack and the power button. 

2. Open the Slot

Take your removal tool and insert it into the little hole. Then firmly push down until the slot pops up, as shown below.

 3. Remove the SIM Card

The SIM card is in a cradle. You can pop the card out of the cradle. To replace the SIM card, put the card back in the cradle. The cradle and card are notched in a way that forces you to replace the card on the proper side. Then just slide the card back into the iPhone.