Free iPhone’s on Facebook…. Don’t be fooled.


Users on Facebook are being swamped with messages claiming that they have received free iPhones. These messages invite others to participate in a scheme to receive a free iPhone as well. What users don’t realise is that the messages are being sent by a number of applications that request access to their profiles & walls.
A free iPhone – ‘Yes Please’ .. it’s no great surprise that people want to take advantage of an unbelievable offer to a free iPhone

Well , don’t be fooled – this is what happens when you click the link….

Firstly , the application home page is displayed with the message “Click here for your FREE iPhone4”


Like any other application on Facebook , it requests permission to access your personal information and access to posting on your wall. You’re going to allow it for a free phone worth around £600 right?

Once the application has been given the permission to access, it congratulates you and request you take a survey to complete your transaction. The survey directs you to a website that also earns money for the spammers/hackers on a commission basis.

Are you ever going to see your shiny new iPhone4 ? Nope.. not a chance. All that will now happen is that your Facebook wall will fill up with messages telling everyone you have a free iPhone 4 and encouraging them to do likewise.

If you are one of the (un)lucky ones to register for a free iPhone4, goto your Application Security settings and remove the any of the applications listed below, and remember, you don’t get anything for nothing!:

  • ‘iSocial Network.’
  • ‘Safari for iPhone application’
  • ‘iWant’
  • ‘Mobile Networking’

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