Document Management from Storetec coming soon

Another great product coming to our cloud based product catalogue – StoreTec Document Management. Achieve an all-digital workplace with Document Management from Storetec. Easily upload paper documents into the Cloud, such as confidential and sensitive invoices or documents, and store them securely online with access to them 24/7, from any location.

The Paper Trail

It’s highly likely that you still have bits of paper in desk drawers, in folders and filed away in cabinets. And most of those documents are likely to include sensitive information about current or former employees, clients and past invoices that need to be kept for auditing purposes. We know you have a paper trail. Every business does. But what if you could digitise that paper trail and even locate those documents easily with OCR capabilities – a quick search and find feature?

Introducing Document Management

Document Management is just that. Everything is stored within the ultra-secure hosting platform and all your documents are accessible in mere minutes. Since the average office worker spends 2.5 hours each week looking for misplaced, misfiled or lost paperwork, using Document Management means you can save 10 hours per month on average without experiencing any hassle.

It’s a real space saver

Paper documents take up approximately 18% of modern office space – that’s a huge chunk of space that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. With Document Management, you can purchase up to 50,000 DSUs (Document Storage Units / Pages) for unlimited users. Plus, it’s competitively priced too.

Full encryption at your fingertips

With GDPR around the corner, your business doesn’t have to worry when it comes to their document storage, while security is a major factor too. Document Management keeps your files stored securely in a UK-based Tier-4 Data Centre with layers of hack-proof encryption, so your data is always safe in the Cloud.

No software to install

Document Management is available directly from a cloud hosting platform, so that means there’s no software to install.

If you need more info, or would like to register interest , let me know.

Symantec .cloud now available from PR PC Support

PR PC Support are pleased to announce that we have added Symantec .Cloud to our arsenal of cloud based products.

What is Symantec .Cloud ?

Defend your confidential and sensitive data with unparalleled email and web threat protection from Symantec. As one of the world’s largest malware research organisations, Symantec is a global leader in security and is backed by the industry’s most secure service level agreements. With an easy to use web-based management portal, blocks 99% of spam before it reaches your mailbox, defends against both known and unknown cyber threats and delivers a GDPR-ready solution for compliance.

Combines global intelligence with advanced scanning

With 568,000 web attacks per day and $5 billion (£3.7 billion) lost to financial email fraud over the last three years, protecting critical business data against cyber threats is vital. Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network is built upon the key information that millions of desktops, servers and networks house when they run any Symantec security product. This intelligence, combined with Skeptic Advanced Scanning technology, allows the family of products to learn from what it sees and to consider how any malicious content could be applied in a harmful way, providing protection immediately.

Why choose Symantec .Cloud?

Protects and defends mailboxes against cyber threats, including zero-day threats, with industry leading security protection.

99% spam is captured before it reaches the mailbox, with 100% of emails delivered and 100% uptime availability, ensuring confidence in the software.

Supports users when they click an email link with speedy background checks to ensure link credibility and safe web browsing.

Symantec scans an email within 60 seconds and identifies whether it houses malicious content, while web content is scanned within 100 milliseconds, leaving you to maximise business productivity.

Symantec is used by many UK banks and the UK Government, so you can rest assured you’re using the best email protection software on the market.

For further information – contact me

Microsoft Teams – Here’s some Tips & Tricks

Tag people to get your message noticed

These are a few of my favorite Teams

Keyboard shortcuts make Teams more accessible

Make collaborating on files a breeze

Streamline access with custom tabs

It’s all about meme

Always be in the know with notifications

Take your team with you

Keep communication fuss free—Title your chats

Connect your Team to the world with connectors

Stay in the loop with activity alerts

PR PC Support now authorised cloud based solutions reseller

PR PC Support are now an authorised reseller of a range of cloud based solutions to assist our clients to protect their data, computers and email.

In our arsenal of solutions are:

  • Office 365 – All versions of Microsoft’s popular cloud based office and email solution
  • Acronis Backup Cloud – Trusted solution from a world leader in Backup Solutions – Secure and reliable cloud backup tailored to meet your requirements
  • BitDefender Gravity Zone – Award winning Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware & Anti-Ransomware that consistently offers superior protection, performance, and usability –  proven in major independent tests
  • Hosted Exchange email – scalable hosted mail boxes complete with free email signatures with each mailbox
  • Email Security & Archiving for hosted Exchange and on premises Exchange Servers
  • Cirius Secure Email Messaging – send and receive secure email from within your email client

Please get in touch if you want to protect your data with our online backup tools, protect your computers with our online security tools or want to upgrade or migrate your email to one of our email services.

Alternative to Sims Learning Gateway for Schools – TASC Insight

I have recently installed TASC Insight at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy. We are currently preparing it to roll out to parents. The reason the Academy went for Insight was the ease of use, ease of installation and the great level of support offered by Tasc Software.

Replacing Sims Learning Gateway (SLG) wasn’t an easy decision, but was also a no brainer. SLG is expensive, clunky and poorly supported (in my opinion). Upgrading SLG consists of running a series of Powershell scripts and is time consuming and unfriendly. Insight upgrades come in the form of an executable which runs and installs inside 5 minutes – that’s how software should upgrade.

Installation was a dream too – just download and run one installer on your webserver. Up and running inside 30 minutes.  ( as opposed to a Capita consultant spending several days onsite and not getting it right ) . Branding consists of choosing a theme, uploading a logo and you’re done. My SLG theme cost £400 and took several attempts to get right.

Documentation comes in the form of a Wiki on the Tasc website. Anything I couldn’t find I mailed support and had an answer within 30 minutes.

Setting up users is done via an import from SIMS – if  you have parents email addresses in Sims and Parent priority levels set, all you have to do is click the ‘Sync’ button and it will create all the users automatically. You then have to “activate” them which will send them a welcome email and instructions on how to log in.

To say this is better than SLG is an understatement. Cost wise it is around 10 times cheaper , easier to setup and upgrade and easier to create accounts. We went for the AD add-on which allows staff to sign on with SIMS credentials and the Parent Evening add-on which, although we haven’t used yet, looks simple to use.

It has a quicker and sleeker user interface and doesn’t require Microsoft SharePoint.

SLG was a total failure for us in our school and a complete waste of money – I can thoroughly recommend Insight for anyone looking for any easy to use and configure parent portal.