Computer Optimisation

Computer Optimisation

Computers can be very frustrating when they start to slow down. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get something done quickly, but you’re being held up by the lack of speed from your computer. There are a number of things that can cause this – from a slow processor, old hard drive, insufficient memory or even a slow internet connection. We can diagnose the problem and propose a solution. Hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades or a Wi-Fi boost. Contact us for an analysis and a quote.

Optimisation Options

Upgrading the hard drive in your PC from a standard SATA drive to a fast SSD drive can change your computer usage experience forever.

Anyone who has used a computer with an SSD and felt the difference will never want to go back to using a mechanical hard disk as a system drive. The advantages of flash-based storage cannot be ignored. Their weaknesses (significantly higher prices and comparatively lower capacities) are gradually being addressed by hard drive manufacturers who are driving down the cost and increasing storage capacity.

On the flip side, negligible access times, very high data rates, and excellent I/O performance are some of the benefits that SSDs introduce. You can’t forget mechanical robustness, low power consumption, and silent operation, either.

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Upgrading the RAM ( Memory ) in your computer can also boost the performance. If you are opening a large number of programs at once, gaming over the internet or trying to edit a large photo in something like Photoshop and your computer is slowing down or sluggish – increasing the RAM can help – contact us for more information

Poor Wi-Fi signal or outdated wireless card drivers can also slow your computer down. We can health check your wireless connections and make recommendations to speed it up. This could mean faster broadband, improved Wireless networking hardware or simply a driver update on your computer. Contact us for a free quote and health check

Viruses and Spyware will slow down your computer. If you are hit by a virus or spyware, we can usually help with our Virus and Spyware removal service. You will know if you have either as you will be getting hundreds of pop up windows when you browse the internet or in some cases your computer may not work at all. Contact us for more information