Stephen Anderton - Owner, Anderton Consultants Limited

Peter Robinson has been my IT consultant for a number of years now. He is a well-  qualified professional who responds quickly and positively to any request no matter  how small or large. He has worked with me both in my office and remotely on a  number of occasions, all with a successful outcome.

Amanda Meier - Assistant Head/Executive SENCO, Hove Park School

“Peter is a proficient and knowledgeable IT technician. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always able to find a solution to IT issues as they arise. Peter has great communication skills which really helps when an IT matter needs to be explained to those who don’t possess his expertise. He is very patient in this respect. In the time that I have worked with him, I have found him to be very professional and easy to work with.”

Stuart McLaughlin - Principal, The Brittons Academy

“Peter is an excellent ICT technician and network manager. He has a high level of skill and understanding. He is customer focused and has excellent people skills.”

Zenna Hopson - Mediator, Hopson Mediation

“Peter is an unusual blend of brilliant technician and warm human being. He is highly skilled and able to develop lasting technology strategies and has the knowledge and expertise to implement these . Zenna worked with Peter at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy.”

Mark Carr - Accountant & Tax Adviser, Mark Carr & Co.

“Peter has help us at Mark Carr & Co to grow our computer network, and can always be relied upon for suggestions to improve matters. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Jeremy Garlick - Partner, Insight Traction

“Peter quickly and efficiently helped me set up for starting my own business – web addresses, e mail connections, laptop choice and set up. All the “basic” stuff I didn’t know how to do and didn’t have time to investigate.”

Peter Johnson - Owner, In-Sourcing

 “Peter was recruited to maintain and build a sustainable and robust IT infrastructure that supported our growing international business operations. He did it and he did it very well, one of the best hires I have ever made. No fuss just positive outcomes with Peter.”