Easiest way to speed up your PC – Upgrade to an SSD Hard Drive

Why ? Here are the main reasons that SSD drives are a great way to speed up you PC for a relatively cheap cost.

1 SSD’s are ridiculously faster than HDDs

Several brands of SSDs claim to run almost 8 times faster than your standard HDD. This speed is much more significantly noticeable in usage as compared to your regular RAM upgrade. Especially noticable when you open applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

2 Boots and logs in much quicker

Faster storage means faster boot-up times. Even heavy graphic/sound processing software’s load in a blink of an eye. Faster loading, faster saving and faster processing means performance you can measure.

3 Far more reliable

Anyone that has had its hard disk crashing knows the heartache of data loss or trying to recover it. Hard Disks are extremely unreliable – they can completely crash after a jolt, or for no apparent reason. This can result the loss of important data when you least expect it. SSD have significantly more life and longer read-write cycles. They have no moving parts where as a standard hard drive has spinning disks with read/write heads micromillimeters above the disk

4 Damage protection

SSDs can sustain significantly more vibrations and shock absorption before crashing because they have no moving parts. This means if you drop your company laptop you will not risk data loss, which is the most significant part of any computer. Accidental drops, magnetic exposures or electricity short-circuit, rust, header damage is all encient issues you’d never have to deal with using an SSD.

5 Lighter
SSDs are significantly lighter – meaning they can significantly reduce weight of your laptop despite being high in storage capacity.

6 Say goodbye to defragmentation
SSDs are not impacted by defragmentation. You’d never have to defragment. All data is easily accessible by your OS and even searches are super fast .

7 Heat, electricity and noise
Since SSDs have no moving parts, no magnets, no rotation is needed and thus uses significantly lesser power, generate much less heat and noise. In a laptop this transforms into a much cooler laptop, which doesn’t produce as much noise and increases your battery life.

Average SSD Prices :

120GB Around £35
240GB Around £55
480GB Around £90

Mac SSD’s are significantly more expensive. POA.

PR PC Support would be happy to quote you for a SSD Upgrade – please use the contact page to request a quote – specify which computer you have (make & model) and which size SSD you want.

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