Facebook Scams : Watch out for them

 Things like “Shocking hidden message on Coca-Cola logo, and other Facebook scams” and “Girl captured DEAD on Google Street View Captured by Google” trick people into adding rogue applications to their accounts.

These can then be usedto spread more of their scams. There’s an account which suddenly started advertising a scam page, even though the user hadn’t logged in for days. In other words, they hadn’t been socially engineered or clickjacked into posting this message.

Other versions of similar scams are “SHOCKING SATANIC Message In The Coca Cola Logo” If you see any of your Facebook friends posting these messages, and you click on the link you’ll be walking into a trap yourself and could soon be spreading the dodgy links to your online friends as well. And it’s not just hidden messages in Coca-Cola logos. The same Facebook users are being used to spreading messages about: Girl captured DEAD on Google Street View Captured by Google and 99 facts Guys wish Girls knew! <3 These are the 99 things all Girls MUST know about guys. These facts are 100% true and absolutely SHOCKING!!! Until more users learn to be suspicious of liking pages like this, and keep a closer eye on what installs itself on their Facebook page, these scams are likely to continue. If you’ve been hit by such an attack – check that your profile no longer “like”s any of these pages, and remove the right of suspicious applications to access your account. It also may be time to choose another password – make sure it’s a strong one.

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