Wireless Optimisation

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Optimisation

When people get their broadband installed at home or their small business – they are usally limited to where their router can be installed by the company installing it. Often the router is tucked away in the corner behind the TV or on the floor next to the sofa. These positions don’t optimise the distance and reach of your router, hence you end up with dead spots or sections of the house or office where you get weak or no signal at all.

We will come and do a site survey and help you obtain the correct kit placed in more optimal positions to help you get the best out of your home or business wi-fi.

Most homes and offices use comsumer grade Wireless components bought from local retail stores or they come free with your broadband package. I would recommend checking out some entry-level “enterprise” wireless hardware instead – this is exactly what Ubiquiti’s Unifi is – but it can be upscaled to full enterprise-grade.

One of the core ideas behind an enterprise-type Wi-Fi solution is that you can place multiple access points and manage them from a single interface while your wireless clients seamlessly (or nearly seamlessly) roam between the access points as needed. On top of that, enterprise Wi-Fi setups differ from home set-ups in that they typically offer the ability to configure multiple (as in dozens or more) of SSIDs ( wireless networks ) from the same set of hardware, each with different security and networking policies applied. There’s also often rich guest network functionality, with the ability to allow guests to connect not just with a single password but also with timed-expiry passphrases or tokens, or to charge guests for access (like you might see in a hotel).

An entry level Unifi setup at a home or small business would be to add one or more Unifi Access Points to your existing router to boost the signal around the premises. These can be placed on normal CAT5 points if you have them, or powerline adapters can also be used.

A more serious setup would involve putting your router into modem only mode and deploying a Unifi Security Gateway to control your firewall and internal routing.

Adding the Cloud Controller would also benefit as you wouldnt have to dedicate a specific computer to be your Unifi Controller.

We can explain, design, purchase and install all the Unifi equipment required. Contact us for more information.