Some Handy Shortcut Keys for Windows 7

Start Progams that are located in your Task Bar

Win + 1,2,3 etc They will start in the order they appear in the task bar


Maximize and restore size of your current window

Win + up and Win+down


Create A New Folder

Ctrl+Shift+N Would be faster than right clicking and selecting create new I think.


Open System window



Move window to left and right half of screen or over to next monitor

Win+Left arrow – move window to the left half of your screen

Win+Right arrow – move window to the right half of your screen


Access “Computer” ( Windows Explorer )

Win+E accesses “Computer” to view your drives and devices and network locations / opens windows explorer


Minimize all applications



Move active window to next monitor

In a dual monitor environment Win+Shift+left or Win+Shift+right will send your current window to the other monitor.


Open Task Manager



Right click a file without a mouse

Shift+F10 opens a contextual menu like a right click great are trying to work quickly and not using a mouse at the time


Open a file and folders properties


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